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Magnetic is a marketing solution that runs on intent. Our platform uses an exclusive combination of data and technology to reach, attract, and engage consumers at scale, from prospecting to retention.



Acquire New Customers

+ Engage Your Audience

Magnetic’s patented search retargeting technology captures information about what your audiences are doing outside of your website. We can then predict consumer intent and deliver the most relevant advertising messages across digital devices.

Only Magnetic has access to the largest source of search intent data and the technology to combine it with on-site behaviors, dynamic creative and cross device targeting.














The Power of Intent

Search activity and site level data are the strongest signals of intent, and critical elements for digital campaigns aimed at driving new customer acquisition and retention.

Magnetic’s platform leverages our network of intent data to make smarter buying and marketing decisions.




New Infographic:
Rich Data, Rich Conversations

MyBuys and Magnetic have merged! Learn more about how our rich data
will drive greater performance and unique audience insight.







Measurement Matters to Mobile