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Acquire New Customers

Magnetic’s search retargeting technology powers digital advertising across display, online video, mobile, and The Facebook Exchange. By targeting audiences based on search and purchase intent, marketers acquire new customers, and influence brand preference earlier in the purchasing cycle.

Personalize Your Advertising

Cognitive Match, Magnetic’s dynamic creative feature, offers marketers multiple ways to apply search and site-level data to their creative ad messages. This creates highly relevant and personalized advertising for qualified audiences. Learn more about dynamic creative optimization (DCO).

Engage Site Visitors

Reach audiences across the consumer funnel by acquiring customers with search retargeting, and driving conversions with site retargeting. Advertisers can re-engage site visitors with relevant display ads based on site behaviors such as products viewed, pages viewed, items added to cart, etc.


“Search is the place with the highest intent and the best data. Magnetic captures that data and applies it to display advertising, in order to reach consumers as they cruise around the web and move across devices.”

James Green, CEO, Magnetic

In The Spotlight



Retail Therapy Blog Series

Are you keeping up with holiday shoppers? Magnetic is featuring a collection of retail articles and insights. Learn more on our blog!


Mobile Series

Magnetic is presenting Attribution Revolution: The Mobile Series this fall in NYC, Boston, and Los Angeles! To learn more and request an invite, visit


Magnetic and Tapad Partnership

Magnetic has partnered with Tapad to to power search retargeting across devices. Learn more about our mobile retargeting offerings.


Magnetic In The News

Magnetic contributes insights to industry publications each month. Visit our Media Center for recent press coverage, announcements, videos, events and more.  


Learn More About Magnetic

Who we are

Magnetic, the leader in search retargeting, specializes in reaching consumers with relevant ad messages based on intent. As the partner of choice for leading Fortune 500 brands, Magnetic powers both brand awareness and direct response campaigns through its core capabilities, which includes search retargeting on desktop and mobile, advanced media optimization, programmatic buying, site retargeting, and extensive creative opportunities.


What we do


Magnetic captures search and purchase-intent data from across the web and transforms it into data for targeted digital advertising campaigns across desktop and mobile platforms. By analyzing billions of intent data points, Magnetic builds real-time keyword segments for their advertising clients, and effectively reaches consumers across a wide range of inventory sources from exchange-based media to premium publishers. Advertisers work with Magnetic to leverage multiple ad formats as part of their retargeting efforts, such as online video, Facebook ad units, rich media, IAB Rising Star, mobile units and more.


Why we do it


Magnetic combines the art of advertising with the science of data and technology to help their agency and brand clients more efficiently and effectively identify and reach relevant audiences with ads across desktop and mobile platforms. By taking the power of intent data and transforming it into a targetable asset, our customers grow their audience reach, and achieve scale across the world of digital media.




Magnetic is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), and also participates in the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA’s) AdChoices icon initiatives to provide consumers with information about the data usage related to online advertising. Visit our policy for more information.


Upcoming Events!

Attribution Revolution: The Mobile Series | Boston
Oct 22

Magnetic’s Mobile Series features cocktails, food, and an expert discussion on the mobile challenges currently facing advertisers.

DMA 2014 | San Diego, CA
Oct 25-30

Magnetic CEO James Green leads two panels over the 5-day global event.

Attribution Revolution: The Mobile Series | Los Angeles
Nov 5

Magnetic’s Mobile Series features cocktails, food, and an expert discussion on the mobile challenges currently facing advertisers.

Search Insider Summit | Deer Valley, UT
Dec 10-13

Magnetic hosts 2nd annual Ski event and cocktail party at winter edition of SIS.


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