Search Retargeting Case Studies

Auto Brand

Auto Case Study ImageA globally recognized auto brand worked with Magnetic to drive sales and quality leads for a specific vehicle line. Magnetic collaborated with the client to build out a successful keyword-level display strategy.

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Home Improvement Retailer

Home Improvement

A Fortune 50 advertiser used Magnetic’s technology to drive sales for two outdoor consumer products. Search data was used to identify in-market shoppers and expand audience reach.

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Vacation Travel Brand

Vacation Travel Brand

This travel brand wanted to establish their company as the ideal vacation getaway. Their Search retargeting used to video and flash banner ads to drive engagement and amplify the brand’s reach across relevant audiences. Learn more >>

Financial Services Advertiser

Finance Case Study Image

A financial advertisers was looking to market their new credit card offering to small business owners. The client leveraged Magnetic’s search retargeting technology to find and reach audiences within the target category and push them through the sales funnel to signup for the new card.  Learn more >> 

Optical Retailer


A retail client worked with Magnetic to drive new online orders for an eye-care product. The campaign focused on reaching audiences already in the mid-funnel, also known as the “consideration” phase. This strategy use search retargeting as a main objective for assisting in the conversion.  Learn more >> 

Canadian Apparel Brand

Health CareA popular retail brand utilized Magnetic’s technology to identify and reach Canadian health care professionals in-market for work attire. By leveraging extensive search and purchase intent data along with keyword optimization, Magnetic achieved reach and scale. Learn more >> 

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