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Search Retargeting

About Search Retargeting

Search is a strong indicator of consumer intent. By pairing this data with display advertising, marketers can drive customer acquisition, and reach consumers that have never been to their site. This enables them to connect with new people, engage them early on, and influence their buying decisions.

Magnetic’s proprietary technology curates keyword and purchase intent data from hundreds of thousands of e-commerce, vertical and shopping comparison sites, and transforms it into targetable data. This data is then mapped to advertising campaigns, and is used to reach new prospects through a variety of display advertising formats.

To reach new prospects, marketers need to know when consumers express intent to buy, and be ready to deliver real-time marketing messages to people whenever they engage. Our data signals predict consumers’ interests, and through intelligent real-time buying, put the right message in front of the right audience.

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Search Retargeting

Did You Know?

Search retargeting is a prospecting strategy responsible for helping marketers get in front of potential customers early on in their buying journey, which can raise awareness and drive consumers to the marketer’s site. It is important to understand the difference between search retargeting and site retargeting, a common practice to drive lower funnel actions, aimed at reaching consumers that have already visited your website. The key difference between these two strategies is the data, and how search and site intent are used to reach and convert customers at different buying stages. There is a tremendous amount of value in using search data for audience extension and new customer acquisition.

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