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Why Should I Use Search Retargeting?

Search is a Strong Indicator of Consumer Intent

When consumers show interest, use display advertising to craft the perfect response. Through targetable data and proven technology, Magnetic captures intent from search and mixes it with the brand power of display. This combination enables brands and agencies to apply innovation and creativity with data-driven advertising to reach the most relevant audiences at scale.



How Does Search Retargeting Work?

By explicitly typing words or phrases into search boxes, consumers show interest and intent related to products, brand preference, and purchasing decisions. Magnetic remembers these words or phrases, and uses proprietary technology to apply search data logic to targeted display campaigns.

Search Retargeting Process

Step 1:

User Searches

Consumers search across digital devices for information related to specific interests, various brands and products.

Step 2:

Audience Segments

Magnetic captures search activity and transforms it into targetable intent data, creating real-time audience segments.

Step 3:

Relevant Ad Served

Magnetic’s custom media buying platform dynamically buys audiences in real-time via ad exchanges and direct publishers.

Step 4:

Campaign Optimization

Real-time analytics power optimization and campaign insights related to audience categories, performance, and metrics.

Benefits of Search Retargeting


Scalable Retargeting

With massive amounts search data and a custom media buying platform, Magnetic delivers search retargeting campaigns to the masses. Unlike site retargeting, in which reach is limited to site activity, search data enables marketers to expand audiences beyond site visitors. Search retargeting is the truest form of scalable audience targeting for display advertising.

Prospecting / Acquire New Customers

Agencies and brands use search retargeting to attract new customers and reach them  further up in the consumer funnel. This strategy enables brands to leverage search retargeting for prospecting new clients, including the ability to reach consumers that may never have visited their web site, but that showed intent through their online search activity.



In search advertising marketers face high costs for competitive keyword targeting. But, with search retargeting, marketers apply keyword targeting to display, enabling a cost effiecient and effective solution to target audiences based on competitive search terms. This allows agencies and advertisers to reach qualified audiences without bidding on individual competitive search terms.


Best Practices for Search Retargeting


Explore Creative Opportunities

Master the art and science in display advertising with search retargeting! Magnetic offers multiple creative ad formats to help marketers drive engagement, increase awareness and generate response. To fully tap into the power of search retargeting, leverage various creative elements from online video, rich media, innovation units to Facebook News Feed ads.

Give Credit Where It Is Due

Looking beyond last click is extremely important when it comes to measuring which channel and strategies contributed to your conversions. As a mid-to-upper funnel strategy, search retargeting initiates consumer engagement and pushes consumers deeper into the funnel where other ads and targeting strategies assists in the conversion. Leverage attribution modeling that looks at multiple consumer touch points.


Expand Keyword Segments

Magnetic is composed of billions of search queries, which indicates various levels of consumer intent and specific interests. Magnetic transforms search data into real-time audience segments, and matches them to relevant display campaigns. For example, a consumer who searched for “back to school shopping” would be relevant for specific retail campaigns, but might also fall into a “parenting” category.

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