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Why Should I Use Search Retargeting?

Search is a Strong Indicator of Consumer Intent

Through targetable data and proven technology, Magnetic captures intent from search and applies it to the brand power of display. Search retargeting allows marketers to reach consumers who have never been to their site, enabling them to connect with new prospects, engage them early on and drive them deeper into the funnel all based on search indicators.




How Does Search Retargeting Work?

The act of searching demonstrates explicit interest and intent related to products, brand preference, and purchasing decisions. Magnetic captures and interprets  keywords and phrases, and uses proprietary technology to apply search data logic to targeted display campaigns.

Search Retargeting Process

Step 1:

User Searches

Consumers search across digital devices for information related to specific interests, various brands and products.

Step 2:

Audience Segments

Magnetic captures search activity and transforms it into targetable intent data, creating real-time audience segments.

Step 3:

Relevant Ad Served

Magnetic’s custom demand side platform (DSP) dynamically buys audiences in real-time via ad exchanges and direct publishers.

Step 4:

Campaign Optimization

Real-time analytics power optimization and campaign insights related to audience categories, performance, and metrics.

Benefits of Search Retargeting


Scalable Retargeting

Search retargeting is the truest form of scalable audience targeting for display advertising. Unlike site retargeting, in which reach is limited to site activity, search data enables marketers to expand audiences beyond site visitors.

Prospecting / Acquire New Customers

Search retargeting is a middle funnel strategy focused on reaching consumers earlier in the funnel after they have declared intent by searching online for information, products or services. There is a tremendous amount of value in using search data for audience extension and new customer acquisition.


Search engine marketing runs up high costs for competitive keyword targeting. With search retargeting, marketers apply keyword targeting to display, enabling a cost efficient and effective solution to target audiences based on competitive search terms. As a result, marketers reach qualified audiences without bidding on individual competitive search terms.



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