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Only Magnetic has access to the largest source of search activity, and the technology to combine it with on-site behaviors and dynamic creative capabilities. This means that we use intent everywhere to reach consumers with relevant advertising across devices.

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Magnetic is a digital technology company specializing in retargeting solutions that combine intent data with display advertising to power brand awareness and direct response campaigns. Magnetic uses billions of search data queries and a proprietary bidder to programmatically buy and reach audiences who have signaled either interest or purchase intent where they spend 96% of their time online – on news sites, blogs, e-commerce sites,and social networks. Founded with a specialized focus on search retargeting, Magnetic’s advertising solutions also extend to site retargeting, and include advanced media optimization and buying, and dynamic creative capabilities. As a global company, Magnetic is headquartered in New York City, and has offices across North America and Europe.

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Learn about our culture, company news and digital advertising trends on our blog. We feature thought leadership articles, marketing trends and insights focused on the intersection of intent data and digital advertising. Visit our blog >

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We have created a company with an entrepreneurial spirit, strong talent and bright ideas. We are always looking for uniquely skilled individuals to join our growing organization. Visit our openings> 

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As an global company at the forefront of advertising technology and data, Magnetic’s leadership team is comprised of experts from a variety of disciplines and interests. Meet the team >

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