What Do We Do?

Magnetic’s full-service ad targeting solution powers agencies and advertisers to combine intent data with display advertising in order to reach relevant audiences at scale, acquire new consumers, influence purchasing decisions, and engage current customers.


Build Audiences

Magnetic creates custom real-time audience segments based on what users have searched for across the web. Magnetic may also consider additional data elements to expand reach and achieve performance and awareness goals.

Deliver Ads

Magnetic’s buying platform analyzes multiple data assets to dynamically buy and reach audiences across brand-safe inventory partners (direct publishers & ad exchanges). This enables informative buying and effective audience targeting.

Discover Insights

With access to billions of search queries monthly, Magnetic represents one of the largest sources of targetable intent. This advantage enables Magnetic to deliver unique campaign insights related to performance, conversions, and audiences.


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Magnetic’s Technology
Magnetic combines the power of intent data with cross-channel media capabilities for display advertising campaigns. Through one unified platform, Magnetic enables customized audience targeting and media buying across multiple digital channels, inventory sources, and creative formats. Magnetic supports full-service campaign management, performance optimization, reporting and analytics.


Sources of Data
Magnetic is one of the largest aggregators of search data, and represents a massive source for audience intent found across the web. Magnetic captures search and purchase-intent data from a variety of search entities, including e-commerce, vertical, and shopping comparison sites, and transforms it into targetable data for display advertising. Magnetic’s search data is used to create real-time audience segments for both branding and direct-response oriented campaigns.


Inventory & Brand Safety
Magnetic’s inventory expands across all the major ad exchanges and direct publisher partners, enabling brands to achieve scalable display targeting. As part of our approach to effective media buying, we use multiple layers of data insights and predictive-targeting technologies to meet viewability standards and deliver ads on brand-safe inventory partners.



Magnetic Search Retargeting

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